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Custom Products and Services for Military and Commercial Applications.

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Millitary Applications

DMP has been a leader in providing high pressure valve and fittings to the U.S. Defense industry for well over 29 years. Through our innovative design and engineering, DMP Valves and Fittings are used on every surface and sub-surface ship in the U.S. Navy Fleet. Critical applications include Carrier Catapult & Arresting systems, H.P. Compressor’s, Hydraulic systems and Diver’s life support systems, to name a few. With DMP’s proven track record and ISO 9001 quality and reliability, there is no substitute!

Commercial Applications

DMP years of experience in the defense industry has provided designers and engineer’s in the commercial world the opportunity to choose our products for their demanding applications, where reliability and economics are paramount! DMP’s valves are used in petro-chemical, gas and power generation and undersea exploration where there is no substitute for quality and reliability.

Quality, Design and Support… There is no substitute!

DMP Valves are designed for robust control & conveyance of gases and liquids for years of maintenance free reliability. Valve types include, Globe, Instrument, Relief in a wide range of configurations. System applications to 6000 PSI.View Valves
DMP Fittings Utilize Flat Faced Seal (FFS) O-Ring seal technology for 100% leak-proof reliability. Available in tube & pipe sizes from 1/8” – 3.0” – including metric sizes. Wide range of materials available for system applications to 6000 PSI.View Fittings
DMP’s Manifolds reduce the footprint of bulky and complex piping and tubing systems into a compact, efficient and light weight package. Designed to eliminate the piping footprint and to reduce the number of connections for leak proof reliability.View Manifolds