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About DMP

Derbyshire Marine Products was established in 1986 as a division of Derbyshire Machine and Tool Company. The division was started to design and manufacture valves, fittings and related marine products used on U.S. Naval vessels as well as commercial applications. Over the years, DMP has designed many custom valves and fittings as well as manufactured products to various military specifications. DMP’s product lines are used in pipe and tube systems controlling liquids and gases at pressures from vacuum to 6000PSI at temperatures from -20°F to 400°F . Their unique soft seat valve design and separable flat faced O-Ring sealed components assure leak proof and vibration resistant sealing.

In 2010 the inception of Derbyshire Marine Products, LLC, (DMP) was formed, an entirely separate company from Derbyshire Machine & Tool Company, (DMT). Under new ownership but still within the lineage of the Derbyshire family, DMP established a new location in Lansdale, PA.

DMP valves are of a simplified design, providing a construction which offers high reliability for liquids or gases, at pressures up to 6000PSI at temperatures from -90°F to +600°F.View Valves
DMP military grade fittings can withstand up to 3000 PSI of working pressure. Making them the idea component for high-end military and commercial applications.View Fittings
DMP high-quality manifolds are designed to enable simple functionality which would otherwise require an array of valves and other components to achieve.View Manifolds