VBC Multi Purpose Valve

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Product Description

VBC Series

Now used in the commercial industry are the DMP VBC Series Plug-In Multipurpose Vent, Bleed & Calibration Valves. DMP’s VBC Valves are of a simplified design, providing a construction which offers unsurpasssed reliability for liquids or gases at pressures up to 6000PSI at temperatures from -90°F to +600°F.

VBC Series Ordering Data
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  • Whether your application is in the pharmaceutical, refining, nuclear, petroleum, chemical, power generation, or other liquid or gas control systems, the need for valves in pressure instrument monitoring is clear. Equally as clear is the fact that the proper calibration and inspection on control systems requires instrument valves that deliver precision engineered performance, reliability with cost efficiency.
  • Each valve is constructed from the highest quality materials, in accordance with military specifications. Standard Materials for the body, bonnet and stem are either stainless steel or nickel copper alloy. The valve designs have all passed a series of hi-shock and vibration tests. Each valve is hydrostatically tested for seat tightness and structural soundness prior to shipping.
  • The valves superior design includes low torque operation. The metal to metal back seat characteristic prevents the stem from backing out from the valve body.

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