Instrumentation Valves

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Product Description

Instrumentation Valves

Now available for the commercial industry, DMP instrument valves offer unsurpassed high quality as a result of rigorous qualification testing required by military specification.

DMP Instrument Valves are of a simplified design, providing a construction which offers high reliability for liquids or gases at pressures up to 6000PSI at temperatures from -90°F to +600°F.

Each valve is constructed from the highest quality materials, in accordance with military specifications. Standard materials for the body, bonnet and stem are either stainless steel or nickel copper alloy. The valve designs have all passed a series of hi shock and vibration tests. Each valve is hydrostatically tested for seat tightness and structural soundness prior to shipping.

The valves superior design includes low torque operation. The metal to metal back seat characteristic prevents the stem from backing out from the valve body.

Standard End Connnections Shown

INSTVAL_End Connections

  • The end connections shown can be provided on both ends of valve or can be any combination of those shown.
  • For face to face dimensions consult general catalog pages.
  • Inline and Angle configurations available.
  • Additional sizes and configurations available.
  • Standard Materials: 316SS and NICU. Other materials available upon request.
  • Temperature range: -90°F to +600°F.

Instrumentation Valves with Test/Calibration Connection

1 instv
2 instv
3 instv
4 instv

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