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Product Description

Valve Repair Seals Kit (RSK)

For Valves Sizes 1/8″ thru 1 1/4″
1 1/2″ and 2″ Valves Do Not Require the Stem Wiper.

Should the seals used in DMP High Pressure Valves ever need replacement, a Repair Seals Kit can be obtained, which will contain all five of the items required.

To order a repair seals kit, specify the valve size required, followed by the materials from the grouping listed below.

Example shown below are the materials supplied in our standard valves:

Standard Materials:

  • O-Rings: Viton, EPR and Buna N.
  • Stem Packing: Polyurethane, EPR and Viton.
  • Back-up Ring will always be teflon.
  • Stem Wiper will always be polyurethane.
  • For stem packing installation information, see our Packing Installation Instructions below.
  • Valve Sizes: 1/8″ (-0), 1/4″ (-1), 3/8″ (-2), 1/2″ (-3), 3/4″ (-4), 1″ (-5), 1 1/4″ (-6), 1 1/2″ (-7), 2″ (-8).

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Packing Installation Instructions

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Repair Seals Kit (RSK)
Valve Torque Information